Professional Amazon Product Photography china Shooting Production

26 Feb Professional Amazon Product Photography china Shooting Production

This is a set of pictures of business card racks sold at Amazon America. Before making this set of pictures, we combined the characteristics of the product and the aesthetic habits of American consumers to think deeply about the composition of the picture and the application scene.

This set of excellent and creatively targeted pictures has reversed the sales slump of the product and turned the product from an unattended one into an explosive one.

Let ’s analyze this group of pictures:

1: Main picture

1. This product is four business card holders, which decides that the picture maker needs to think about how to lay out the picture so that the picture is more in line with consumers’ aesthetic habits. In order to achieve this goal, we bring in-depth research to local consumers in the United States, and have obtained that American consumers prefer the “eight o’clock” picture layout.

2. In order to give consumers a glimpse of the product’s functional characteristics, we matched a business card on the card holder in the forefront of the screen. This is a black business card with gold edges. It is also a match that we found in line with American consumer aesthetic habits. .

3. We put some product discount information on the business card, so that while attracting consumers, we can also prevent the pictures from being rejected.

4. Leave the beautiful projection in the picture, transform it and shape the shape to make the picture clearer and fuller.

Second, the drawings

Solid color background

Communicate the texture and beauty of the product to consumers by placing the product on a background of different colors.

2. scene graph

In the first scene, the business card holder is combined with a black leather notebook, a black matte textured desktop, and a card with gold edges. A beam of light is obliquely entered from the upper right. The thick picture strengthens the metal texture of the business card holder; Picture, picture is excellent and simple, compact.

The second scene image brings a tranquil beauty to the business card holder through the combination of product real shot images and night scene image materials.

Third, the fourth scene map combines the product with female designers and male managers. The product is applicable to a wide range of people, both for creative people who are seeking freedom of personality and serious business people.

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