china Product Photography | A carefully calculated shot

27 Oct china Product Photography | A carefully calculated shot

The direction of the light source, the distance of the light source, the angle, the background, and the complex factors make up the  china product photography, the magic game in this studio.

The goal of china product photography is to increase consumers’ desire to buy;

The china product photography under the subdivision includes: jewelry photography, watch photography, luggage photography, food photography, toy gift photography, cosmetics photography, industrial product photography and so on. There are so many different categories because the shooting methods are all different. Mainly because of the change of materials, there is a huge difference in the use of light and performance.


The Beijing photography class just learned to shoot a china product photography about alcohol. The different materials make the wine products belong to each category. This time, the wine products in the glassware are photographed.


china product photography a carefully calculated shot


Wine does not speak, we must understand their characteristics and help them interpret themselves.

One: the color of the bottle and the characteristics of the wine

The color of each wine bottle is different, the smoothness of the red wine bottle, the partial concave texture of the beer bottle, and the effect of the porcelain bottle often appear in the liquor bottle. Each different type of analysis determines the position of the light source.

The label on each bottle is another material. In the case of lighting, using auxiliary light to clear the product line, the relationship between the distance of the front light source and the bottle body depends on the practice of the students in the classroom. Feel it.

Two: Can you see the wine?

Glass bottles are also divided into transparent and opaque. During the shooting, whether the wine can be seen inside, the lighting should be adjusted according to the relevant circumstances.


Three: atmosphere creation

Now the hottest is the combination debut, the shooting products are the same, the appropriate atmosphere and the effect of the embellishment, can make the product more prominent, so that people can not ignore the C-bit. When setting the atmosphere, you can change according to the type of wine and choose the fit that suits them.


Four: late

china product photography, studio shooting is only the eve, and the later is a super important part of china product photography. The adjustment of the details, the modification of the background, and the composition of the elements that cannot be directly completed in many shots can be realized in the later stages.

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