Product Photography 10 tips

20 Feb Product Photography 10 tips

Most friends in the e-commerce industry may need to take photos of their own products. Beautiful product photos not only make people shine, they also make people want to buy. The effect of the same camera, the same product, in your hand, and the effect of a professional product photography company, why is there such a big gap? Some people say that photography is about empirical methods. Indeed, learn more shooting skills and experience, I believe that in the near future, you will also become a product photography master. The following are ten tips for product photography collected by Xiaobian:

Product Photography Tips 1 Change the shooting style

You may have shot a lot of babies, but they are probably all a style, so if you look at it too much, it will give you a consistent feeling. So you should constantly try new shooting methods or moods during shooting to add luster to your baby. For example, you can take some baby panoramas, close-up shots or single, multiple and so on.

Product Photography Tips 2 Increase Depth of Field
Depth of field is very important for good shooting. I don’t think every seller wants the baby they photographed to look like a plane, without a little three-dimensional effect. Therefore, in the shooting, it is necessary to appropriately add some reference objects for displaying relativeness. It is best to show the size of the baby by contrast. (When shooting a stuffed toy, I often use a mineral water bottle as a reference, so everyone can see his size at a glance.)

Product Photography Tips 3 Macro
Macro, as the name suggests, is taken at close range. It is often necessary to use local close-ups for product photos. At this time, it is time to use the “macro” function. All digital cameras have the function of “macro”. The small flower logo in the camera below is the macro. How to turn on this function is included in the camera’s manual, so I won’t go into details here. The small flower logo in the red circle is the macro function
Different cameras perform different macro effects. The picture below shows the shooting effect of the Dongdong Fuji 50I. The texture of the leather, cloth pattern, zipper teeth, and metal buckle is very real. The details are very clear, and the effect is not great. Awesome? This is Dongdong ’s favorite photo. When I took it, I was surprised when I saw it. I applied the advertisement of beautiful appliances: the original macro can be more beautiful! If you do n’t use macro, it will be blurred. .

Product Photography Tips 4 White Balance
This function is very simple. Everyone who has fiddled with the camera knows that here we must remind careless friends, remember to choose different settings in different light, otherwise it will be too big ~
Take a look at the photos below. This is the effect of different settings under the same conditions. It is recommended that the rookie directly select “Auto” when setting, and master it before setting accurately according to the actual situation. The following are the different effects of white balance settings in the same environment.
Friendly Tip: If you find that the color temperature is not correct when shooting, then remember to check the white balance setting first. The problem is likely to be here.

Product Photography Tips 5 Exposure Compensation
Many friends take photos that are either dark or bright. At this time, you can use the exposure compensation function. This function is usually the “AUTO” mark in the camera. How to find this mark, the camera manual will tell you. The exposure adjustment range for non-professional cameras is usually -2.0 to +2.0 exposure compensation (EV). There are also different values ​​such as -1.9 to +1.9, etc. Different camera manufacturers have different settings, which is different for beginners. It’s not too big. What you need to know is how to set the exposure compensation. The easiest way is to take a photo with different settings and choose the most suitable setting. Here, Dongdong will use the settings of the Fuji 50I camera as an example. Take a look at the following set of comparative photos. The upper left corner is the exposure value.

Product photography tips 6
Sometimes, you just need to be closer to your baby to get better results than shooting from a long distance. You don’t have to take a picture of the entire baby. Sometimes, exaggerating a characteristic place of the baby will create a strong visual impact image.

Product Photography Tips 7 Keep the Sun Behind You
Photography can not become photography without light. It is the perfect combination of light and shadow. Therefore, when shooting, you need enough light to shine on the subject. The best and easiest way is to place the sun behind you and offset it. The light in front can illuminate the baby, brighten its colors and shadows, and a slight angle can generate some shadows to show Baby texture.

Product Photography Tips 8 Correct Composition
Shooting good baby composition is very important. There are three rules for more common composition in photography. The picture is divided into three parts (horizontal and vertical), and then the subject is placed on the line or at the intersection. Always putting your baby in the middle can be boring, so it’s a good idea to take a picture of your baby with a three-point rule.

Product Photography Tips 9 The Camera Must Be Stable
This is very important. If it doesn’t work, prepare a tripod. Many friends who have just learned to shoot often encounter the problem of blurred images. This is caused by camera shake, so you should avoid camera shake during shooting. You can hold the camera with both hands, hold your elbows against your chest, or lean against a stable object. And relax, don’t be too nervous. It feels like you are a shooter holding a gun and must shoot steadily.

Product Photography Tips 10 Selection of Shooting Style
Depending on how the camera is held, the effect of the captured image will be different. The simplest is to raise and lower the camera vertically. Photos taken vertically can emphasize the height of the baby, while horizontally can increase the width of the baby.

There is nothing difficult in the world, I’m afraid there is someone who cares. I believe that as long as you master these ten photography techniques, you can also take beautiful product photos.

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